I want to find someone

To  look into my eyes when I talk.
To hear my sorrows and neurosis with patience and even if you do not understand, respect my feelings.

I need someone to come and fight me without being called.
Someone who loves me enough to tell me the truth I do not want to hear, even knowing that I can irritate.

So in this world of indifferent, I need someone to believe in that mysterious thing, discredited, almost impossible friendship.

That persists in being loyal, simple and fair.
Do not go if I ever lose my gold and can not be more the feeling of the party.

I need a friend who receives with gratitude my help, my outstretched hand, even if it is very little for your needs.

I could not choose who brought me into the world, but I can choose my friend.

In this search pawn my own soul, for a true friendship, life becomes simpler, richer and more beautiful ...


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