That night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, "I have something important to tell you." She sat and dined without saying a word. I could see pain in his eyes.

Suddenly, I was speechless. However, I had to tell her what she was thinking. I wanted a divorce. And I discussed the matter calmly.

She did not seem annoyed by my words and simply asked quietly, "Why?" I avoided answering it, which made her very angry. She threw away the silverware and yelled "you're not human!" That night, we did not talk more. I could hear her crying. I knew she wanted a reason for the end of our marriage. But I did not have a satisfactory answer to this question. My heart did not belong to her anymore but to Jane. I just do not love her anymore, I felt sorry for her.
Feeling very guilty, sketched a divorce agreement, leaving it to the house, our car, and 30% stake of my company.

She took the paper from my hand and tore violently. The woman with whom he lived for the last 10 years has become a stranger to me. I was sorry for this waste of time and energy but I would not go back to what he said, because Jane loved deeply. Finally she began to cry loudly in front of me, which was expected. I felt liberated as she cried. My obsession for divorce in recent weeks finally materialized and the end was closer now.

The next day, I came home late and found her sitting at the table writing. I have not had dinner, went straight to bed and slept immediately because he was tired after spending the day with Jane.

When I woke up in the night, she was still sitting at the table, writing. I ignored her and volteia sleep.

The next morning, she introduced me to his conditions: she did not want anything of mine, but asked for a month's deadline to grant the divorce. She asked that during the next 30 days we tried to live together as naturally as possible. Their reasons were simple: our son would do their exams next month and needed a supportive environment to prepare well, without the problems of having to deal with the breakup of his parents.

That sounded reasonable, but she added something else. It reminded me of when I carried her into our home on the day we were married and asked me for the next 30 days I to carry out of the house every morning. I then realized that she was completely crazy but I accepted his proposal not to make my coming days even more unbearable.

I told Jane about my wife's request and she laughed a lot and found the idea totally absurd. "She thinks so imposing conditions will change something, it better look at the situation and accept the divorce," said Jane tongue in cheek.

My wife and I had not had any physical contact too long, so when I carried her out of the house on the first day, it was totally weird. Our son clapped in saying "Dad Mom is carrying on his lap!" His words caused me embarrassment. From the bedroom to the living room, the living room to the front door of the house, I must have walked about 10 meters carrying my wife on her lap. She closed her eyes and said softly, "Do not tell our son about the divorce," I nodded even disagreeing and then put it on the floor so we went through the front door of the house. She was taking the bus to work and I drove to the office.

The second day was easier for both of us. She leaned on my chest, I smelled the perfume she wore. I then realized that not long ago was watching this woman. She certainly had
aged over the past 10 years, had wrinkles on her face, her hair was getting thinner and grayer. Our marriage had much impact on it.
For a few seconds, I got to thinking about what she had done to be in this state.

On the fourth day, when I got up, I felt a greater intimacy as her body. This woman had dedicated 10 years of her life to me.

On the fifth day, the same thing. I did not tell Jane, but every day was easier to carry her out of our room's door. Maybe my muscles are firmer with exercise, I thought.

One morning, she was trying to choose a dress. She tried a number of them but could not find one that fit. With a sigh, she said "All my dresses are great for me." I then realized that she really was quite emaciated, hence the ease in loading it in recent days.

The reality fell upon me with a pang of remorse ... she carries so much pain and sorrow in your heart ... Instinctively, I reached out and touched her hair.

Our son came into the room at this point and said "Dad, it's time for you to charge the mother." To him, seeing his father carrying his hand every morning has become a routine part of the house. My wife hugged our son and held him in his arms for a few long seconds. I had to get away, fearing change his mind now that he was so close to my goal.
Then I carried her in my arms, the room to the living room, the living room to the front door of the house. His hand rested on my neck. I held her tight against my body. I remembered our wedding day.

But your body so thin made me sad. On the last day, when I held her in my arms for some reason could not move my pernas.Nosso son had gone to school and I found myself pronouncing these words: "I did not realize how lost our intimacy with time ".

I could not drive to work ... I went to my new address future, got out hastily, afraid to change your mind ... I climbed the stairs and knocked on the bedroom door. Jane opened the door and I told her, "Sorry Jane. I do not want to get divorced."

She looked at me in disbelief and touched my forehead "You have a fever?" I took his hand off my forehead and repeat "Sorry, Jane. I will not divorce. My marriage was boring because we did not know to value the small details of our lives and not for lack of love. Now I realize that since the day I carried my wife on our wedding day to our house, I should hold her until death do us part.

Jane then realized it was serious. Slapped me in the face, slammed the door in my face and I could hear her crying compulsively. I went back to the car and went to work.

At the floral shop on the way back home, I bought a bouquet of roses for my wife. The attendant asked me what I would like to write on the card. I smiled and wrote: "I will carry you in my arms every morning until death do us part."

That night when I came home with a bouquet of flowers in hand and a big smile on my face, I went straight to our room where I found my wife lying on the bed, dead.
My wife had cancer and had been trying for several months, but I was too busy with Jane to realize that something was wrong with her. She knew she would die soon and wanted to save our son from the effects of a divorce - and prolonged our life together giving our son a picture of us together every morning. At least in the eyes of my son, I am a loving husband.

The small details of our lives are what really matter in a relationship. It is not the mansion, the car, property, the money in the bank. These assets create an environment conducive for happiness but can not afford more than comfort. So find time to be friends with your wife, do little things for each other to keep them close and intimate. Have a royal wedding and happy!

If you do not share it with someone, nothing will happen to you.

But if you choose to share someone, maybe save a marriage. Many failures in life are people who did not realize they were so close to success and chose to give up ...

Patrick O`Relly

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