Confronting Ourselves

Never before intimate relationships we had called to confront ourselves and others with such sincerity and conscience.
Today maintain a living connection with an intimate partner puts us face the challenge of freeing ourselves from old habits and weaknesses, and develop all our power, sensitivity and depth as human beings.
In the past, who wanted to explore the deepest mysteries of life in a monastery were detained or had a hermit life, at present, intimate relationships have become, for many of us, in the new land untamed places us face to face with all our gods and demons.
As we can not have personal relationships and predictable sources of comfort and safety, they put us to a new crossroad, where we must make a crucial choice.

We can fight to hold on to fantasies and old and outdated formulas, but do not correspond to reality _ lead us anywhere, or conversely, podernos learn to turn the difficulties in our relationships as opportunities to awaken and expose our best human qualities: the realization, compassion, humor, wisdom and courageous dedication to truth. If we choose the latter, the relationship becomes a path capable of deepening our connection with ourselves and with the people we love, and to expand our sense of who we are.


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