Everyone on planet Earth is experiencing very special times. In the Inca Tradition, we call this time the New PACHACUTI. We are leaving 500 years of “night” into the Sunrise of the New Day. There are still many signs of night. However, we should concentrate our attention on the meaning of this new vibratory frequency, because this New Day of this PACHACUTI cycle of 500 years awakens a new vibration of spirituality in each one of us.

Those who accept the Cosmos invitation to life, will be expanding their real being with the enthusiasm that life offers to us. Mystic Andean Masters, do not want us to passively wait in for the date of December 21st, 2012. They think that the great moment has begun already and it is in each one of us. We need to be active and alive and expand the MUNAY (love), LLANCAY (service) and YACHAY (wisdom). So, following the events, such as Mystic High Plateau, The Prophesies and the Andes, the Activation 11/11/1992, Metaphysic Meeting with people of Lord Meru in 2002, Reuniting the Eagle and the Condor in 2007, and other activation with different kind of schools, we are NOW celebrating, all over the world, a unique reconnection with the Mother Earth and the Father Sun .

Under the auspices of the zenith of the Sun, we will meet in communion with our Inner Sun, the Father Sun and the Sun behind the Sun. This reconnection has to do with the legendary Solar Disk which is underneath the waters of our Sacred Lake Titicaca. The zenith, a moment when the Sun is centred and perfectly aligned with the Mother Earth is on February 14th. This special date when Love is celebrated in many places in the world, is when we have an appointment with our own Love (You can celebrate with your partner)

The Sacred Lake, today called Titicaca, was considered one of the most sacred places for the Children of the Sun. Here in the presence of sacred frequencies, it is easy to calm the mind and connect with the authentic self. From there we can have a new vision, a new dream, and the correct decisions for our lives so that we are in harmony with all aspects within the present reality. Today as in ancient times we are making an important pilgrimage as the Children of Light to welcome the New Cycle

The Activation of the Solar Disk will bring to us the fire of life. It makes available the sublime energies to produce an effect of overwhelming sami (refined energy) that will vitalize and purify our past or our history. This blessing is important step to keep expanding the consciousness and anchoring more strongly the joy that we are searching for.

This is a personal invitation to be present and claim your spiritual heritage as the Children of the Sun.


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